Ada Sargatis


Welcome to my world. My name’s Ada Sargatis.

I dance.

I say this because everything I do is a dance.
This is sorcery. And this is how I live and create. I wander between the worlds and write songs in English&Russian. My music is experimental acoustic and electronic. I’m keen on recording in a natural environment and utilizing field recordings that I collect while on the road (which is a lot).  I also write poems. Some of them I called `body poems` and published a book based on the exploration of women’s embodied emotional experience.

Since 2015 I’ve been teaching intuitive arts and lead workshops in different parts of the world or online, composing and recording my music.

2016 – two songs, unofficially released

2018 – Chalice for the Wind official video

2019 – Reflections EP

2020 – We Are Shadows of the Night single

2021 – currently working on a new album and a collaboration




I create dark and emotional shadowscapes wrapped in sound. Here be fairytales, intimate woman songs, blessings from higher powers and the things untamed.