Ada Sargatis


…song that seems to ooze past the consciousness, slowly crawling forward and swathing itself in ever more beguiling sounds, broken shards of guitar, dark spirals of electronica and washes of brooding sonics.

It is a modern sound echoing with timeless urges and ancient wisdom, and danger too.


Ada Sargatis is a multifaceted artist, encompassing the roles of singer-songwriter, producer, poetess, and founder of Authentic Sounding practices. Her work is deeply rooted in the beauty of moment and the hidden depths of both human spirit and something not quite human. Through her diverse media—voice, text, field recordings, and music—Ada captures the essence of now, aiming to illuminate the often overlooked facets of reality and render them vivid and perceptible. 

Musical Journey

Ada’s musical language is a rich tapestry woven from inner myths and a sensual perception of the world around her. She finds inspiration in diverse settings, whether it be the tranquility of a forest far from city lights, the rawness of abandoned factories, the vibrant atmosphere of neon-lit bars, or the isolated expanses of a desert. Her sound traverses a spectrum from atmospheric acoustic to a deft blend of electronic vibes from the 80s, elements of North African, Celtic and other folklore influences, and her own enchanting creations.

Authentic Sounding Practices

As the founder of Authentic Sounding practices, Ada explores the art of being present in different environments, striving to reflect the magical here-and-now and to fully embody oneself within it. Her approach involves a deep presence and observation, which she channels through her music and poetry. This practice is not only about evoking the sensory and emotional richness of each moment. but also about embracing authenticity and self-expression through one’s voice and creative endeavors.

Poetry and ‘Body Poems’

In addition to her musical endeavors, Ada is a passionate poetess. Each poem invites readers to uncover the profound beauty in everyday experiences and the mysterious realms beyond the ordinary. Through rich imagery and a melodic flow, her poetry resonates with authenticity and raw emotion, creating a connection that transcends the page. In 2016 she published a book featuring her ‘body poems’, where her work delves into the wild woman and the dark feminine. Her poetry serves as “food for the female soul,” offering a transformative experience for emotions, and was referred to as a “book of initiation.”

The Star of Išhtar

The Star of Išhtar marks a new chapter in Ada Sargatis’s artistic journey. Featuring Ada on vocals, songwriting, synthesizers, and programming, alongside Andrei on guitars and programming, with contributions from session musicians, this project promises to be a captivating exploration of ancient stories and timeless themes. They navigate the space between light and shadow, digital and analog, seamlessly blending geography and time. Their compositions are a tapestry woven with threads of the past, present, and future, each song rich with layers of meaning and references. 

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